pulling data from the mhonarc databases...

1998-04-22 00:59:08
Has anyone tried this? I'd like to be able to pull out and possibly
manipulate data in the mhonarc databases, so I can generate things like
on-the-fly HTMLized digests (one thing I'd like to offer users is the
ability to be e-mailed a Table of Contents, and then they'd could click
on URLs to bring up articles that intereset them. since I've already
got the articles in mhonarc, extending it seems like a perfect thing --
but I need to be able to programmatically get, say,
"subject/author/URL" for all messages posted in the last "N" seconds
(or minutes, or hours. Basically, since a previous timestamp). then
format and mail the ToC.

any thoughts on whether this is practical?

Chuq Von Rospach (Hockey fan? <>)
Apple Mail List Gnome (mailto:chuq(_at_)apple(_dot_)com)
Plaidworks Consulting (mailto:chuqui(_at_)plaidworks(_dot_)com)
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