RE: pulling data from the mhonarc databases...

1998-04-22 13:08:37
From:         J C 

On Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:46:54 -0700 
Chuq Von Rospach<chuqui(_at_)plaidworks(_dot_)com> wrote:

Has anyone tried this? I'd like to be able to pull out 
        > and possibly manipulate data in the mhonarc databases, 
        > so I can generate things like on-the-fly HTMLized digests 
        > (one thing I'd like to offer users is the ability to be 
        > e-mailed a Table of Contents [...]

Practical and not difficult.  Merely have MHonArc produce 
a data index, and then post-process that index to generate 
I assume that should have been "date"?

your digest version.

I do something similar to create "directory" pages
that contain links to the various multipg index pages.

For example, datedir.html has a single link for each
day represented in the archive that links to the 
datennn.html page that contains the first message link
for that day.

Check out my
page.  It has links to the my resource files and to
the various scripts I use to pre/post process the 
messages and html pages and to the archive created
by them.

Of course, the perl script that processes the index pages
and produces the "directory" page is highly dependent on the
exact markup used to produce the index pages.


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