Re: Re-building the database

1998-05-06 15:27:17
On May 5, 1998 at 13:47, John Sechrest wrote:

              Once I have toasted my .mhonarc.db file, what
              steps can I take to rebuild the database?

There is an answer in the FAQ.  The sample program was contributed
by a user quite awhile back, so I do not know of its fitness
on the most recent versions of MHonArc.

In general, one can do a rebuild from the msg*.html files.  At
the top of each file, there are comment declarations that
contain the key information that mhonarc uses (and stores in
the db).  With that information, and some knowledge of the db
format, the db can be reconstructed.

I hope to write a db reconstruction program that will part
of the standard distribution.  I hope to include it in the next


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