Unable to access path/to/output/file

1998-05-06 23:35:36
I'm trying to get MHonArc running. I should probably concede in the first
paragraph that I suck at UNIX so that is now a known quantity. 8)

MHonArc seems to be correctly installed on my virtual server:


and permissions for that dir and that program are very liberal. I want to
archive mail from a separate account on the same machine, named

type2-reflect has this .forward in his home dir:

        "|/home/users/type2-reflect/webnewmail #type2-reflect"

and webnewmail is installed with the correct permissions, the correct path
to mhonarc, and this outdir, which directory does exist:

        @ARGV = ("-add",

However, perl-w webnewmail produces the following. My take is that we are
accessing mhonarc, but we aren't able to write to the outdir, and I don't
understand why. Any help appreciated.

[type2-reflect(_at_)metalhead ~]$ perl -w webnewmail
Use of uninitialized value at
/lib/ line 189.
Use of uninitialized value at
/lib/ line 190.
ERROR: Unable to access

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