Re: Unable to access path/to/output/file

1998-05-07 17:44:35
On May 6, 1998 at 23:42, Ken Hooper wrote:

MHonArc seems to be correctly installed on my virtual server:


and permissions for that dir and that program are very liberal. I want to
archive mail from a separate account on the same machine, named

type2-reflect has this .forward in his home dir:

      "|/home/users/type2-reflect/webnewmail #type2-reflect"

and webnewmail is installed with the correct permissions, the correct path
to mhonarc, and this outdir, which directory does exist:

      @ARGV = ("-add",

However, perl-w webnewmail produces the following. My take is that we are
accessing mhonarc, but we aren't able to write to the outdir, and I don't
understand why. Any help appreciated.

[type2-reflect(_at_)metalhead ~]$ perl -w webnewmail

-w will give alot of messages in the current (and past versions) of
mhonarc.  -w will not help you here.

Use of uninitialized value at
/lib/ line 189.
Use of uninitialized value at
/lib/ line 190.
ERROR: Unable to access

Since you have a virtual host, programs invoked from sendmail
(via .forward or aliases) may run under a different system
root.  I.e.  Pathnames used in a telnet session would not
be valid under processes running under the virtual host.

You can write a simple script (shell, Perl, whatever) that
just tries to do a write to the directory, and see if
it works or gives errors.

The error you are getting will occur if the outdir fails
anyone of the following tests:

        Is it readable?
        Is it writable?
        Is it executable?

The actual Perl code is:

        !(-r $OUTDIR) || !(-w $OUTDIR) || !(-x $OUTDIR)

I guess a more informative message can be generated on which
test failed.


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