"No such file" message

1998-05-12 14:49:59
Can anybody tell me why the marked message when I run MHonArc?
I have no idea why MHonArc is looking for an *.gz file....

      Reading database ...
      Reading resource file: /home1/s/snevel/mhonarc/ether.rc ...
/home1/s/snevel/mhonarc/ether.rc.gz: No such file or directory <<<<
      Adding messages to /home1/s/snevel/public_html/etherbun
      Reading tempbunf .................
      Writing mail .....................

Here's the way I invoke MHonArc (as part of a larger shell script):

      mhonarc -add -outdir $HOME/public_html/babl \
      -rcfile $HOME/.mhonarc/babl.rc \

Running perl version 5.004_01 and MHonArc v2.2.0

This *seems* to be "new" behaviour (at least I don't remember
seeing the message before).  I'll I've changed recently
was to make all of the paths in the mhonarc invocation
absolute (by adding the $HOME) instead of relative.

It doesn't seem to be "hurting" anything, but I do wonder...

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