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1998-05-12 17:22:45
On May 12, 1998 at 18:10, "Nevel, Simeon" wrote:

The next release should be better about giving the proper error

When's the new release due and what nifty new features does
it have?

Unsure on its delivery date.

Or would that be telling?

Not at all.  Here is the current CHANGES list (Note: there are some
changes still being worked on):

    o   Perl 5 is now required to run MHonArc.  Although the code
        base is still "Perl 4-style", many changes made use Perl 5

    o   GENIDX now supports the use of MULTIPG (w/IDXSIZE).

    o   New resources:

            ANNOTATE            - Annotate message(s).
            LOCK                - To lock, or not to lock.
            NOTE                - Annotate markup.
            NOTEIA              - Inactive annotate markup.
            NOTEDIR             - Directory where annotations are located.
            NOTETEXT            - Annotation text.
            PAGENUM             - Page to output when using GENIDX with
            READDB              - Just load the database
                                  (useful for application front-ends).

    o   New resource variables:

            $DDMMYYYY$          - Day/Mon/Year(4 digit)
            $MMDDYYYY$          - Mon/Day/Year(4 digit)
            $MSG$               - Filename of message page
            $SORTTYPE$          - Type of sort in use for main index
            $TSORTTYPE$         - Type of sort in use for thread index
            $YYYYMMDD$          - Year(4 digit)/Mon/Day

        resource variables can now take a format string specification
        (as defined by the *DATEFMT resources) to provide a local
        override format specification of the date.  Example:


        will print the local HH:MM of the current message.

    o   MHonArc is now smarter when the RMM resource is used.  MHonArc
        will now only update pages that are required when messages
        are removed instead of doing a force update on all pages.
        RMM operations will now perform much faster.

    o   Subject based replies are not treated as a separate "group"
        when printing thread index pages.  I.e.  Subject based replies
        no longer cause a separate TSUBLISTBEG and TSUBLISTEND to
        be invoked.  Before, it was a problem if the HTML OL element
        was used.  OL numbering would restart when subject based
        replies were printed.

    o   MHonArc uses rename instead of file copying when editing
        pages.  Should provide a speed increase when editing archive

    o   Reason when a file cannot be opened or created ($! is now
        included in the error message).

    o   If unable to lock an archive (and -force not specified),
        MHonArc will now return an exit status of 75 (EX_TEMPFAIL).

    o   Some changes to code to make it suitable for MHonArc to be
        embedded into other Perl programs.  The most significant
        changes was to make it possible to process more than one
        archive in a single process instance (note, archives can
        only be processed in sequence and not in parallel).  Now it
        easier to write different application front-ends to MHonArc
        (like the web interface).

    o   Some other code cleanup in the hopes to improve performance.

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