help w/new attachment/extension support

1998-05-12 16:36:30

I'm trying to figure out how to get MHonArc 2.2.0 to handle attachments for 
a wordprocessing program called Applix ( *.aw extension).  I've had a look 
through the archives and FAQ and still can't quite get it.  (PostScript 
attachments work like a dream, so at least that is working.)

Do I need to write my own filter?  Or will the proper syntax in 
do the trick?  (I don't know PERL, so if anyone has a generic filter w/notes
on syntax, I'd really like to see it.)

Anyway . . . 

When I look at the attachment info in my mail client (Roam for Solaris), I see 
the following:

        Name: filename
        Size: 414126 bytes
        Description: default
        Type: APPLICATION
        Subtype: X-SUN-applix_words
        Encoding: BASE64
        Open Method: applix $FILE

With my latest effort, I'm getting the following error:

   Could not process part with Content-Type: APPLICATION/X-SUN-applix_words; 

The attachment is placed in the proper directory as type "Default" and ends 
with a .bin extension.

I added the following to

    'application/X-SUN-applix_words',               'aw:Applix Word document',

The relevant portion (I believe) of the .rc file follows:


   application/X-SUN-applix_words:ext=aw type="Applix Words Document"

      ^ I got the MIME resources from an old email of Earl's related to Visio 
        unfortunately, no luck.

Additional info:

This is perl, version 5.003 with EMBED + suidperl security patch
Solaris 2.5.1
MHonArc v 2.2.0

The first few lines of an Applix file look like:

  {ericj}hwy61:[94]> head -3 bin00000.bin
  <Applix Words>
  <asc @(#)% ericj 28

Any help much appreciated.



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