Re: "No such file" message

1998-05-12 16:06:21
On May 12, 1998 at 12:39, "Simeon ben Nevel" wrote:

Can anybody tell me why the marked message when I run MHonArc?
I have no idea why MHonArc is looking for an *.gz file....

It will look for one if the filename given does not exist.

      Reading database ...
      Reading resource file: /home1/s/snevel/mhonarc/ether.rc ...
 >>>> /home1/s/snevel/mhonarc/ether.rc.gz: No such file or directory <<<<

Probably means that /home1/s/snevel/mhonarc/ether.rc does not exist
or is not readable.

The next release should be better about giving the proper error


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