Re: Getting legacy emails into an active archive

1998-05-14 01:12:21
At 15:41 13/05/1998 -0700, Earl Hood wrote:
|On May 13, 1998 at 16:43, Marvin Kaye wrote:
|> Jeff Breidenbach at has recently started hosting the
|> archives of a mail list that I moderate.  We aren't having any problems
|> with current posts, but the subscription to the archive was set up several
|> weeks after the mail list actually started operating.  We cannot come up
|> with a simple way to import all the old posts into the archive and are
|> wondering if there's a solution out there that will work for us?  I have
|> every email that's ever been sent to the list in a Eudora mailbox, but
|> can't really get at the mail routing headers without possibly corrupting
|> the index, rendering the mailbox contents useless.  If anyone out there has
|> ever done something like this I'd sure appreciate some guidance on how to
|> go about handling it with this list.  TIA
|I thought Eudora stored the mail in UUCP mailbox format.  If so, just
|pass the mailbox as an argument to mhonarc to add it to the archive.  I
|thought there were users of mhonarc that have successfully processed
|Eudora mail.

That works fine. I've done it several times.

Just beware of the MSGSEP ressource.

Bernard Frit

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