Re: Mhonarc shows deleted messages?

1998-05-24 12:16:13
When I convert the (linux) severs' mail folder with Mhonarc, to be able
to read the messages in html, I get also messages, that have been
deleted, (or marked as deleted: they still remain in the mail file!). An
ordinary mail reader like Netscape does not show these mails, but
Mhonarc converts them in HTML. Does anybody know how to ignore these
deleted mails when running Mhonarc?

You'll want to compress your mailbox first.  Not sure what version of
Netscape you're using, guessing 3.0 since you didn't say Communicator.
Menu option File -> Compress This Folder (or maybe it's 'Empty Trash
Folder'; I'm not sure).  

Netscape copied the old, silly method that NeXTmail used for message 
deletion.  The biggest problem with it is when the mailers database
of deleted messages becomes corrupt.


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