Re: Archive on seperate server?

1998-05-24 13:57:49
Skyflight <beavis(_at_)cris(_dot_)com> wrote:

Hi all. I'm new to the list (and perl :). I have a question - I've
installed and sucessfully run mhonarc. But, I'd like to keep the archive
itself on a seperate server (where I have more quota) than the one I use
to process the messages (I have perl access on that account, but limited
quota). Is there a realitively simple way to do this without
transferring a lot of files each way? Could I, for example, delete
everything from the process server except for the database file, and
then just FTP the newly generated stuff over to the archive server?
Any help appreciated.

I have the same problem because our production mail server (for security 
reasons) does not have a web-server.

I solved the problem by adding a receiver to the list, which is under my 
control on the other server. The user in question runs filter (from Elm) out of 
his ".forward" file to archive the messages in the right archives. Rules like 
the following will do the trick:

# --- list: mmc-wpl
if ( to = "mmc-wpl(_at_)listserv(_dot_)eun(_dot_)org" ) then
execute "/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir /home/mailarch/archives/mmc-wpl"

It can be done more elegantly if you have qmail on both machines, but this is 
not the case for me!

With qmail you could subscribe <mail_archive_user-list_name(_at_)yourhost> and 
have different .qmail-files handle the different lists (or even a single file 
handling all of them)

Anders Bandholm, UNI-C, Aarhus
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