Re: Archive on seperate server?

1998-05-24 21:21:03
Well, actually, the mail filter is not a problem. All the mail goes to
one server, as it should, and all gets archived together. But, I just
don't have the space on the sever that gets and processes the mail, so
I want to keep the HTML files on another server, then delete them from
the first server. But, I want to make sure I can still do updates
properly. So, I thought maybe I could just FTP the database file over to
the first server, create the HTML files, and then FTP them over to the
second server. Is this workable, does anyone know? Any details on how
to do this? Thanks in advance.

The ideal is to run an SMTP server on a machine that has access to
the HTML files generated by MHonArc via either a local or networked

This can be accomplished by:

   o Mounting the filesystem onto your primary SMTP server, then using
     MHonArc to output directly to the filesystem
   o Running an SMTP server on the machine that the filsystem is local
     to.  You can then forward mail to that SMTP server and have 
     mail filtered locally. 

     I prefer this method because I trust sendmail's robustness more than
     a networked filesystem's, plus I don't have to worry about mail
     bouncing unless both machines die because of the way that my MX
     records are set up.

   o Doing an rsh to the machine in question and piping the message into
     MHonArc -- i.e. 
        cat message | rsh host "mhonarc -rcfile rc -outdir /mnt/WWW/list"

     Don't do it this way.  :)

   o Storing the archive on local disk, then using rdist nightly to push
     it over to the machine containing the filesystem.  That machine can
     then process the mailboxes.  Ideally, this would all be done with
     a single distfile -- look into the 'special' option for rdist config

If you can't run an SMTP server, then try the first or the last method.
rdist is fairly robust, can let you postprocess the messages once they've
been sent, etc.  The only problem (and this is one that I'm not too keen
on) is that your file server has to trust an account on your mail server.
Might be best to set it up so that user nobody does it all, or go with
the first method to avoid shared accounts.


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