Re: Archive on seperate server?

1998-05-25 05:21:24
Skyflight <beavis(_at_)cris(_dot_)com> wrote: 

Anders Bandholm wrote:
I have the same problem because our production mail server (for security 
reasons) does not have a web-server.

I solved the problem by adding a receiver to the list, which is under my 
control on the other server. The user in question runs filter (from Elm) out 
of his ".forward" file to archive the messages in the right archives. Rules 
like the following will do the trick:

Well, actually, the mail filter is not a problem. All the mail goes to
one server, as it should, and all gets archived together. But, I just
don't have the space on the sever that gets and processes the mail, so
I want to keep the HTML files on another server, then delete them from
the first server. But, I want to make sure I can still do updates
properly. So, I thought maybe I could just FTP the database file over to
the first server, create the HTML files, and then FTP them over to the
second server. Is this workable, does anyone know? Any details on how
to do this? Thanks in advance.

Ahh - sorry. When I wrote "archived" on another server, I actually meant 

The basic idea is to have a list member that gets copies of the messages, and 
then automatically sends these through MHonArc. This makes the separation of 
list-processing and HTML-archiving easy.

I have the list on one server, and the HTML-archives on the other. The 
filter-rules are used to pipe new msgs through MHonArc. 

If you decide to use ftp, you should consider rsync instead, as you can make it 
copy only the new files.

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