Re: not archiving an e-mail address

1998-05-25 11:45:42
On May 24, 1998 at 22:25, Thomas Smith wrote:

I run a message board that gets forwarded to a mailing list.  Many of the
users of the board can't handle the volume of e-mail, so they use the
board and look at the archives from MHonarc.  I'd like to be able to keep
the messages generated by the message board from gettin archived thus
redundantly using up disk space.  Is there a resource for this?  I don't
want to divert the list mail to /dev/null because I'd like to read it.

MHonArc provides no facilities to selectively archive messages (with
the exception of message expiration policies).  If you pass the message
to mhonarc, it will archive it.

A preferred method to do this type of filtering is with Procmail.
You can use Procmail to make the decisions of passing message to
mhonarc or not.  You will find examples of Procmail usage in the
FAQ and mhonarc mailing list archives.

In order to use Procmail in your situation, there must be something
in the messages which allows one to tell a board message from a
mailing list message.  For example, board messages may contain a
special message header field to distinguish it from regular messages.
Or it may have a special "From:" address that can be keyed off of.


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