Re: mhonarc dumps corefile by adding new single mail

1998-05-28 21:44:57
On May 27, 1998 at 09:48, Wolfgang Leideck wrote:

I'm maintaining a mailing list via majordomo.
All incoming mail to that list should be convert with mhonarc.
Following problems occurs:
1. If the mhonarc-archive is empty the new mail will be added, but if
   i want add the older messages with following command 
   'cat <msg> | mhonarc -add -outdir <archive_dir>'
   mhonarc results in
   Reading database ...
   Adding message to <archive_dir>
   Writing mail ..Segmentation Fault - core dumped
2. If i create the archive with the older messages, it works but if new
   mail comes mhonarc also dumps a corefile
mhonarc run under solaris2.5.1 with perl 5.004_04
What's wrong here?

Tough to say.  Version of mhonarc?  Size of archive?  Are you using
a resource file?

Normally if a seg fault, or similiar, that causes a core dump
is usually a sign with something wrong with perl itself, or a
resource was not properly closed in a resource file.  Did you
build perl for your system?


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