Re: Is this normal for MHonArc?

1998-06-02 22:54:21
On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Christopher P. Lindsey wrote:

   /mylist -> archive2

mhonarc would be told to update the list that /mylist doesn't point
to (archive1).  If successful, /mylist would change to point to
/archive1, /archive1 would have the changed files copied to /archive2,
and so on.  In case of failure, the message would be stored in an
errorfile and the system administrator notified.

I think this can be easily manage by another script, probably the email
will go to this script, say, managearc, and managearc will call mhonarc.
Therefore mhonarc can manage the directory manipulation necessary.

In your example, there maybe to symlink, mylist and processlist. Actually
maybe no symlink necessary, we can just rename the directory.

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