I need an application to manage texts with MHonArc...

1998-06-02 23:28:30
Hello All!

I'm relatively "new" on the list, so I don't know if the problem were already
I'd like to convert into html pages wiht MHonArc, not only mail but also simple
texts... It means there were a system to create the "From", "To", "Subject" etc.
lines, for example reading the file information on its directory, or with
parameters added at the command.
Is there already a similar application? In Perl, or simply Linux shell, or else?
I think other people did have the same necessity, a day or another...

I stay tuned for any info... thanks in advance!

Bye bye!
Roberto Del Bianco in "Sesto Fiorentino" near Florence, Italy.
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Date: 02-Jun-98, Time: 20:59:51

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