Re: I need an application to manage texts with MHonArc...

1998-06-09 06:42:00

On 05-Jun-98 Earl Hood wrote:

There is no message header that mhonarc requires to do its job.
Message-IDs are not required (a feature that has existed since the
intial code base due to personal needs).  MHonArc will warn if no data
can be determined, but mhonarc will still handle the message (local
current time is assumed).

So simple texts can also be converted? Mmmhh.. I'll try today.
But how will be built the date and thread index pages?

My job (in volunteer form) is to convert mailing list messages of "PeaceLink"
Italian network, into web pages. And MHonArc is good for this.
But an interesting further application, will be the conversion of simple
documents, already stored in archive, in order to be read too by Web.
If MHonArc will do this job too, I'll be happy... but my doubt is "how index
pages will be built, whithout any subject, "To:" and date informations?"...

If I am not mistaken, an empty message header (ie. only the EOL
sequence that separates the header from the body) can exist and mhonarc
will handle it.

Ah! What's the meaning? Is EOL a LF perhaps? But LFs into the body, will be also
treated as message separators?

Many thanks for these infos, I see that the thread is interesting not only for

Bye bye!

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