Re: Newbie - installation problem

1998-06-08 23:01:36
On June 8, 1998 at 15:15, Rick Ford wrote:

I'm trying to install MHonArc on my Unix account (Digital UNIX 4.0D,
PERL and have run into a problem.  I used the ""
autoinstaller and had no problems there.  However, when I try to run
mhonarc I get the following:

syntax error in file /home/omt/bin/mhonarc at line 40, next 2 tokens
syntax error in file /home/omt/bin/mhonarc at line 41, next 2 tokens
Execution of /home/omt/bin/mhonarc aborted due to compilation errors.

I guess 2.2.0 is not truly Perl 4 compatible.  First, I recommend
that use Perl 5 instead of Perl 4.  If not, try changing the
"::" that appears on the lines that are mentioned in the error
messages to "'" (ie. change each double colon to a single quote).


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