Re: I need an application to manage texts with MHonArc...

1998-06-04 09:30:13
On June 2, 1998 at 21:01, Roberto Del Bianco wrote:

I'd like to convert into html pages wiht MHonArc, not only mail but also simp
texts... It means there were a system to create the "From", "To", "Subject" e
lines, for example reading the file information on its directory, or with
parameters added at the command.

You can have MHonArc process any data that conforms to RFC 822 syntax.
To give you a real world example, a colleague and I (at a previous job)
used MHonArc to archive all checkins into our software development tree
onto our private web server.  Hence, we can quickly look at change
histories of files and modules via a web client.  (Note, this was
initially done with mail2html, the predecessor to MHonArc, since it was
done before MHonArc was developed).