RE: I need an application to manage texts with MHonArc...

1998-06-05 08:36:46
One way to get the text files into a format that MHonArc can understand is
to email the files to yourself, one per message.

MHonArc expects its input files to be structured as specified in RFC822.
Header lines (where the To:, From:, Subject: etc come from) followed by a
blank line followed by the body text.  Look at a raw email message header to
see what these look like.  I believe that MHonArc only needs a Message-ID:
line and a Subject: line in the header to function adequately.

-- good luck, SP

Hello All!

I'm relatively "new" on the list, so I don't know if the
problem were already
I'd like to convert into html pages wiht MHonArc, not only
mail but also simple
texts... It means there were a system to create the "From",
"To", "Subject" etc.
lines, for example reading the file information on its
directory, or with
parameters added at the command.
Is there already a similar application? In Perl, or simply
Linux shell, or else?
I think other people did have the same necessity, a day or another...

I stay tuned for any info... thanks in advance!

Bye bye!
Roberto Del Bianco in "Sesto Fiorentino" near Florence, Italy.
E-Mail: Roberto Del Bianco <r(_dot_)delbianco(_at_)agora(_dot_)stm(_dot_)it>