RE: I need an application to manage texts with MHonArc...

1998-06-05 14:09:30
Earl = >

SP = >>

MHonArc expects its input files to be structured as specified in RFC822.
Header lines (where the To:, From:, Subject: etc come from) followed by
blank line followed by the body text.  Look at a raw email message
header to
see what these look like.  I believe that MHonArc only needs a
line and a Subject: line in the header to function adequately.

There is no message header that mhonarc requires to do its job.
Message-IDs are not required (a feature that has existed since the
intial code base due to personal needs).  MHonArc will warn if no data
can be determined, but mhonarc will still handle the message (local
current time is assumed).

If I am not mistaken, an empty message header (ie. only the EOL
sequence that separates the header from the body) can exist
and mhonarc
will handle it.

A null header looks like it would work physically with MHonArc.  Interesting

What does an index entry look like if there is no subject field?

-- SP