Re: Is this normal for MHonArc?

1998-06-03 21:07:15
On June 2, 1998 at 23:33, "Christopher P. Lindsey" wrote:

If everything is successful, it could cycle through the list and rename 
to their "true" names.  If an error is encountered, the files would be

I am not sure how much this will help.

My thinking is that it might prevent corruption for real-time archives.
I do real-time archiving myself, and sometimes the web pages get totally
messed up and I have to go in and rebuild them.  It would be better if
the list just appeared slow, but there were no dead links, etc.  

I did not finish my thought, I was rushed.  What I wanted to say
is is that if a problem occurs while mhonarc runs, your method
will only help to preserve the last good state.  To correct the
problem, may take some manual work.

I have been contemplated some utilities for the next release to help in
archive maintenance and to make recovering from major errors easier.
The main one being a database reconstruction program from the
msg*.html files.


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