ADV: Won't last! Submit to 450+ Search Engines - $19.95

1998-07-09 23:56:06


I was just checking...

Does your Website need TRAFFIC? Here's 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW 
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1) Do NOTHING and hope like hell that SOMEHOW people are Psychic and
 will magically find you!

2) Spend HOURS submitting to all of the search engines yourself!

3) Let US spend the time and SUBMIT THEM FOR YOU - We're running a 
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You'll find out all the info at:

Good luck,


Corymark International
25 Kaneohe Bay Drive
Suite #106-178
Kailua, HI 96734-1711
(808) 263-6954

We are currently consolidating our many mailing lists and need
to update our databases. Our records indicate that you may have
inquired in the past. If this is not the case, please reply
with "REMOVE" in the subject field to never receive email offers
from this vendor.

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