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1998-07-09 23:04:50
On July 9, 1998 at 21:59, Lalo Martins wrote:

Maybe it is in your plans to the future, but I think that a
feature to split indexes in pages of up to IDXSIZE messages
would be cool. The difference to doing it manually:

Are you asking for something different than what MULTIPG offers?

* $IDXFILENAME$ and $TIDXFILENAME$ would both point to the
correct files

I guess you are refering to $IDXFNAME$ and $TIDXFNAME$.  If
it is a bug you are reporting, can you provide an example,
what version of MHonArc and Perl you are using.

* cross-references between messages (as in "References:" or
"In-Reply-To") would keep working; this can be done manually,
but it's tough

Another bug?

* mhonarc could add links to "next $IDXSIZE$ messages"/
"prev $IDXSIZE$ messages"

This can be done by customizing the resource settings.  The only
limitation is that the last page may have less than $IDXSIZE$

* and maybe generate an index page listing all indexes, as in
"Messages from $FIRSTDATE$ to $LASTDATE$: by date - by thread"

What you are talking about is a meta-index.  MHonArc does not
do one.  Many users create one via an automated external process
(see the mhonarc list archive for an example of a meta-index).

For index pages, you can set resources to provide links to all
the other types of index that are available.

The first/last date issue for mhonarc generated indexes will have
a solution in the next release.

When suggesting an enhancement, please more specific on the type
of enhancement desired, especially if the enhancement appears to
already be handled by MHonArc in some way.

If reporting a bug, please review the README on the information
that should be provided when reporting a (possible) bug.


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