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1998-07-10 15:59:36
[Courtesy cc to mhonarc list]

On July 10, 1998 at 14:06, Lalo Martins wrote:

Are you asking for something different than what MULTIPG offers?

No, I'm _very_ sorry to have wasted your time but MULTIPG
somehow escaped my reading of the documentation.

However, since you mentioned it... in messages, I have
$NEXTLINK$ and $NEXTBUTTON$; it would be good to have something
like $NEXTPGBUTTON$ too.

Next/prev page related resource variables are available for index
pages.  Check the index page related layout resources for the variables
available.  Index pages also have first/last link capabilities.

Note, each resource page has a section that lists all resource
variables that can be used within the value of the resource.
When trying to figure out how to control page layout, the Page Layout
chapter of the documentation is a good start.

I do admit that documentation on the resource variables is weak.  The
resource variable listing for each resource just gives a brief
description of what it is (the listing are auto-generated by Perl
scripts using some flat-file reference information).  With the
significant changes in resource variables done for the next MHonArc
release (v2.3), I plan to create a new chapter in the docs covering
resource variables.  To give you, and other users, an idea of the
type of changes, here is an example:

    $NEXTFROM$ is now $FROM(NEXT)$
    $PREVDATE$ is now $DATE(PREV)$

This new notation should allow something like,


so you can give the complete date range of the archive.  Date/time
resource variables will support local format strings.

Note, an internal table mapping old-style resource variables to new
ones exist to maintain backwards capatibility with existing resource

Also, giving a name template to the multiple generated index
pages would be useful. <IDXFNAME> can get silly when the other
pages have different names.

I am confused here.  $IDXFNAME$ should resolve to the proper index page
when linking to the index from message pages.  The filenames of index
pages are controled by various resources.  If you use resource
variables for handling the linking, changes in the filename resources
should not require changes to other resources.

There was a message from a user not too long back asking about
filenaming of MHonArc generated files.  In my response, I list out
all the resource that affect filenames.  You can find the messages
in mhonarc list archive.


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