1998-07-09 22:01:27
[I'm not subscribed, so if you think you have anything to say
that I would be interested, CC me]

Maybe it is in your plans to the future, but I think that a
feature to split indexes in pages of up to IDXSIZE messages
would be cool. The difference to doing it manually:

* easier, to begin with ;-)

* $IDXFILENAME$ and $TIDXFILENAME$ would both point to the
correct files

* cross-references between messages (as in "References:" or
"In-Reply-To") would keep working; this can be done manually,
but it's tough

* mhonarc could add links to "next $IDXSIZE$ messages"/
"prev $IDXSIZE$ messages"

* and maybe generate an index page listing all indexes, as in
"Messages from $FIRSTDATE$ to $LASTDATE$: by date - by thread"

I guess I could do it if either I knew perl or mhonarc was in
C... but life isn't always easy :-)

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