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1998-07-10 21:08:20
On Jul 10, Earl Hood decided to present us with:
[Courtesy cc to mhonarc list]

ok, kept

On July 10, 1998 at 14:06, Lalo Martins wrote:

However, since you mentioned it... in messages, I have
$NEXTLINK$ and $NEXTBUTTON$; it would be good to have something
like $NEXTPGBUTTON$ too.

Next/prev page related resource variables are available for index
pages.  Check the index page related layout resources for the variables
available.  Index pages also have first/last link capabilities.

Huh, no. Look. When I'm writing message markup, I can use either
$NEXTLINK$ - so I get a text link saying something like "next
message" - or $NEXTBUTTON$ - to get a small button, that
presumably takes up less space. I like to use the button on the
top of the html page, where I want things clean, and the (text)
link at the bottom, where I want more detail.

You can check my design at and see
what I mean.

So I would like to have a resource, probably named
$NEXTPGBUTTON$, that would resolve to a small button and no
text. Get it now?

Also, giving a name template to the multiple generated index
pages would be useful. <IDXFNAME> can get silly when the other
pages have different names.

I am confused here.  $IDXFNAME$ should resolve to the proper index page
when linking to the index from message pages.  The filenames of index
pages are controled by various resources.  If you use resource
variables for handling the linking, changes in the filename resources
should not require changes to other resources.

That's not what I mean, again. I mean I would like my multiple
thread indexes to be named "thread01.html" "thread02.html" ...
instead of "thrd1.html"...

The <IDXFMAME> and <TIDXFNAME> only let me define the filename
for the first pages. Unless I'm being dumb again. Or maybe
there's a newer version than the one I'm using (2.1.0)

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