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1998-07-14 10:28:38
On July 14, 1998 at 00:07, Udo Steinegger wrote:

For the thread index, it is not applicable.  By the very nature of
threads, such resources have no meaning.  Since any thread can span
multiple days, how would the formatting be done?  Threads can define
a non-chronological linear listing.  Date sorting of the thread index
only applies to the roots of threads, under each root, the listed
messages can span multiple days in a non-linear fashion.

I'm sorry ...hmm I guess this fiddling around with that thing in details
screwed my mind up. Do you have a sample that I could use ? 

Did you see the example included in the DAYBEGIN resource page of
the documentation?

If you are still talking about the thread index, based on your original
post, you cannot get what you want for the reasons mentioned above.  I.e.
If you look at the DAYBEGIN example, you cannot do anything similiar
for the thread index.


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