Re: Rebuilt of index and database files

1998-07-17 21:00:31
On July 17, 1998 at 09:09, Francois Sauterey wrote:

Probably it's an old and reccurent question, but I have found nothing about
it in FAQ...

There is something in the FAQ, but I think it may not be applicable
to later versions of MHonArc.

Is there any way for rebuilt whith only the msg00xxx.html files?

Yes there is.  However, you will have to roll your own, or try to
update the script listed in the FAQ.  It requires knowledge of
MHonArc's internal data structures.

The next release of MHonArc will have a db rebuild program as an
extra utility.

If your need is urgent, I recommend recreating the archive from
the original messages (if you still have them).


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