Re: ezmlm?

1998-07-17 21:19:54
On July 16, 1998 at 20:23, Shane Caraveo wrote:

ezmlm stores archives in a hashed directory structure basicly looking like

/list/archive/2/ on..

Within these directories each message is kept as a seperate file.  There is
an index file that is, of course, and index of all the messages in that
directory.  These directories do not correspond to dates.  It's some hashing
scheme that is supposed to make archive searching/retrieval very fast.

Basicly, mhonarc would need to look in the directory /list/archive
and then read the messages from each subdirectory while ignoring any file
called 'index'. (I'm guessing this would work)

From what I read from the ezmlm(5) manpage, the following example
command will process all messages of list (using the pathname example
you gave),

    mhonarc /list/archive/[0-9]*

(assuming you are using a shell that supports the following file glob

Basically, each numeric subdirectory in the "archive" directory
follows the same format as MH mail directories.

If you are using a shell that cannot handle "[0-9]*", the following
should work:

    mhonarc `find /list/archive -type d -name '[0-9]*' -print`

Drop a note if you get something to work.  I can add ezmlm archive
support to the docs/FAQ.


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