Re: resource variable to quote the entire message again

1998-07-23 10:47:59
Earl Hood wrote:

On July 20, 1998 at 14:27, jesse hirsh wrote:

i'm setting up an archive, and i'd like to have at the bottom of each
page, a form for people to respond to that particular message. this kind
of makes the mhonarc generated archive act like a web board or something,
but the bulk of the posts come from an email list.

i'm placing the form in the <msgfoot> area.

what i'd like to do is have the entire body of the message, requoted in
the textarea field in the bottom with the typical '>' tag at the start of
each line. am i making sense? is this possible?

i can do this with the subject line, by using value="Re: $SUBJECTNA$"
but can't find one for the entire message body

Because there is none.  There is another recent discussion about
the ability to place the message body data in more than one

In your case, it is more problematic since you want to quote the data.
Since the converted message data is in HTML, which can contain markup
not appropriate inside a TEXTAREA element.  Remember, MIME data is
supported.  The other thing is you want a modified version of the
converted data: the adding of "> " before each line.

What you want done is doable by changing the code.  However, I am
unsure on what the user interface component would be to allow specify
the type of formatting you mention.  On an individual basis, you can
change the code to generate just what you need.  Dealing with how it
can be generalized into a standard feature can be addressed later.

I have just make a form to add a message, it can add a new thread or
folow one, it's a dirty shell hack but it works great. It's also working
in frames.

If you are interested I can send you the shells.



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