resource variable to quote the entire message again

1998-07-20 14:18:01

hi earl, and other mhonarc users,

i'm setting up an archive, and i'd like to have at the bottom of each
page, a form for people to respond to that particular message. this kind
of makes the mhonarc generated archive act like a web board or something,
but the bulk of the posts come from an email list.

i'm placing the form in the <msgfoot> area.

what i'd like to do is have the entire body of the message, requoted in
the textarea field in the bottom with the typical '>' tag at the start of
each line. am i making sense? is this possible?

i can do this with the subject line, by using value="Re: $SUBJECTNA$"
but can't find one for the entire message body


take care

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