Do you market on the Internet?

1998-07-27 13:16:30
Dear Internet Marketer,

Are you tired of endlessly posting your ad to online classified sites that
just don't get the job done? The fact is there are over 300 such sites
scattered about the Web and frankly none of them generate enough traffic
to be worth your while. Even when someone does visit one of these sites,
your ad is hopelessly lost in a myriad of similar offerings.

The true professionals of online marketing have known for some time that
nothing creates results the way a direct bulk email campaign does. We have
assembled a complete package on one CD-ROM that will enable to get your
message out to millions for surprisingly little cost and effort.


We took a total of over 92 million email addresses from many of the 
touted CD's that are out there (bought them all - some were $300+)!  We
added the millions we had in storage to those.   When we combined them
all, we had in  excess of 100+ million addresses in one huge file. 

We then ran a super "sort/de-dupe" program against this huge list. 
It cut the file down to less than 25 million!!! Can you believe that? It
seems that most people that are selling CD's are duping the public by
putting numerous files of addresses in the CD over and over. This created
many duplicate addresses. They also had many program
 "generated" email addresses like Compuserve, MCI, ANON's, etc. 
This causes a tremendous amount of undeliverables, and for  those 
that use Stealth programs, clogs up servers quickly with trash, etc. 

We then ran a program that contained 150+ keywords to remove 
addresses with vulgarity,  profanity, sex-related names, postmaster,
 webmaster, flamer, abuse, spam, etc., etc.   Also eliminated all .edu,
mil, .org, .gov, etc.   After that list was run against the remaining
list, it  reduced it down to near 16 million addresses! 

So, you see, our list will save people hundreds of dollars buying all
others that are out there on  CD and otherwise. Using ours will be like
using the 100+ million that we started with, but a lot less money and a
lot less time!!  

Besides the 16 Million general email address we include over 400,000
TARGETED addresses of Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM'ers and
other Internet Marketers. These are people EAGER to hear about your
products and services. 
Other services charge upwards of 5 cents per address for this type of
list. We include it at no extra extra charge when you purchase Millions
Vol. 1

We also included a 5+ million "Remove/Flamer" file broken into seperate
files for ease of  extracting and adding to your own database of removes. 

To help you manage your email lists, you'll find a fully functional
evaluation copy of BulkMate 4.05 on your CD. BulkMate is an indispensible
tool for the serious bulk mailer. Among its 10 utilites are the ability to
filter any address list against a remove list, sort any list
alphabetically and automatically remove dupes, remove specific domains
from any list and count the number of addresses in each list.

 "You can buy from the REST or you can buy from the BEST.   Your choice.

What our clients are saying:

"I received the CD on Friday evening.   Like a kid with a new toy, I
immediately started bulking out using the new email addresses.  Over the
course of the weekend, I emailed out over 500,000 emails and I received
less than TWENTY undeliverables!!  I am totally satisfied with my
purchase!!  Thanks Syrynx!!"

Dave Buckley
Houston,  TX

"This list is worth it's weight in gold!!  I sent out 10,000 emails for my
product and received 185 orders!  

Ann Colby
New Orleans, LA

"I am absolutely delighted! Your support is first rate. When I needed help
you were there for me. I got a real person on the phone. I've been
marketing my product now for two weeks and can't believe how many orders
I've received. I can't thank you enough!

Gail Swanton
Boston, MA


                  HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE

Here is what you get when you order today!

16 Million Email Addresses... 1 per line in simple text format on a CD.
Files are in lots of 100,000 (no codes needed to open files). 
All files are separated by domain name for your convenience.

PLUS you receive a tremendous REMOVE list!


Over 400,000 Targeted email addresses.


BulkMate 4.05 The ultimate mail management tool.

NOW ONLY $149.00!   

All lists are completely free of any Duplicates. We also on a continual
basis, add New Names and Remove Undeliverables and Remove Requests.   

The result is the Cleanest Email Addresses Available Anywhere 
to use over and over again, for a FRACTION of the cost that other 
companies charge. Typical rates for acquiring email lists are from 
1 cent to as high as 3 cents per email address - that's

Don't even hesitate on this one or you will miss out on the most 
effective way to market anywhere..PERIOD!

As a special bonus we've included the entire suite of Earthonline
bulk email and marketing software demos on the CD. Including
the latest version of the DirectMail mailer. Use it free for 10 days !!
You'll also get our  private Website address where you can check
for product upgrades and other valuable marketing information.

To order our email package, simply print out the EZ ORDER FORM 
below and fax or mail it to our office today.

We accept Checks by Fax and Mail and C.O.D.

EZ Order Form 

_____Yes! I would like to order MILLIONS Vol. 1 email addresses 
for only $149.00.

All orders are sent by US Priority Mail and we pay the shipping costs!


*Mail (USPS)
   *Include a check or money order for the correct amount.
   *Make the check payable to:  Syrynx, Inc.
   *Include your phone number and/or email address in case we need to
   contact you. *Mail to:

       Syrynx, Inc.
       500 Lake Avenue
       Suite 154 
       Lake Worth, Florida  33460

   *Fill out the order form completely and write/type COD on the form.
   *Mail the form to the above address or fax to 305-418-7590 *Please have
   a certified/cashiers check or money order in the amount
    of $165.00 payable to Syrynx, Inc ready when the order arrives.
    The additonal $16.00 covers overnight shipping and C.O.D. fees.

   *This is the preferred payment method at Syrynx, Inc.
   *Your order can be received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   *Print out and complete the following form.
   *To this form, attach a BLANK CHECK with "VOID" written
    somewhere on the body of the check.
   *This gives us the necessary account information to process your order.
   *Please note that Syrynx, Inc. charges a $40.00 fee for ALL BAD CHECKS.

Thank you for your order.

Syrynx, Inc.

          **********  MILLIONS VOL.1 ORDER FORM **********

*You must complete the entire form or your order can not be processed.
*You will need to tape the blank check in the space indicated below. *Fill
out and sign the authorization section below.

*Fax the ENTIRE FORM to (305) 418-7590.

*Please, print the following information.

First Name: _______________________________________________________

Last Name: _______________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________


City: ____________________________________________________________

State: _____________________            Zip: _________________________

Phone Number:  __________________________________________________

EMail Address: ___________________________________________________

           * * * * * * * * * *  Authorization  * * * * * * * * * *
                        (leave blank for C.O.D. orders) 

I, ________________________________________________, hereby authorize
Syrynx, Inc. to withdraw $________________________ from my checking
account, account information enclosed, one time only, for the purchase of
the Millions Vol. 1 CD-ROM. I have read and I understand the terms and
conditions as stated above.  The signature below is the authorized
signature of the holder of the checking account.  I understand that
Syrynx, Inc. charges $40.00 for bad checks.  I understand that if the
funds are not available in my account, I agree to pay the amount of this
order plus the $40.00 fee. (Cash or Certified Funds Only).  Authorized
Signature _______________________________________________

Date: __________________ 

order code:mvi

*Attach voided, blank check below. (do not attach check for C.O.D. orders)


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