Re: multipart/mixed filter for netscape mail

1998-07-27 13:05:30
On July 27, 1998 at 12:15, Joe Brennan wrote:

Hi, I'm looking at this with Maurice Matiz.  The patch looks OK as far
as it goes (except it should be $ in $fields{'content-base'} ) but it

Yep.  Dumb typo on my part.  I did say it was untested ;^)

does not make anything different.

I don't see anyplace in the code where $fields{'content-base'} and
$fields{'content-location'} ever get defined, actually.

It is done by  It parses the headers into a hash, and
passes the hash to each filter function (see the MIMEFILTERS resource
page for details).  This way, each filter can access the header

You can always print out the fields hash to see what headers are actually
getting passed in for debugging purposes.  Also, manually check the
converted message.  Maybe something did happen, but the given browser
to view the message may not be doing its job correctly.


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