Re: multipart/mixed filter for netscape mail

1998-07-25 22:43:52
On July 25, 1998 at 21:59, maurice matiz wrote:

If you run an installed mhonarc, make sure that the installed gets updated.  You can always apply the change to
the unistalled and reinstall mhonarc.

i guess you lost me when you used the terms installed and uninstalled version
of the files. i was assuming that if i changed the file in the
lib directory, then ran mhonarc, the new code would be used when mhonarc
called for the txthtml filter. i get the notion that it is not that easy. :-)

If you ran the program, then there is an installed set of
files (in the locations you specified).  If you run mhonarc straight
out of the location you extracted the tar file, then updating
in the lib subdirectory will suffice.

could you point me at what utility/option i need to use to update the
installed file?

Just rerun after changing from the extraction


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