Re: multipart/mixed filter for netscape mail

1998-07-24 17:36:20
On July 24, 1998 at 16:32, maurice matiz wrote:

when an attachment is a web page and sent via Netscape (others may do the
same), the mime type is defined as multipart/mixed. With the default settings
Mhonarc handles the text within the page ok, but any relative links (includin
images) are not changed to absolute links. That is the Content-Base setting i
not used. 

i would imagine this is not a new issue, although i could not find any
references in the mail list archives. Does anyone have a sample filter that
takes care of the multipart/mixed mime type correctly and can send it to me?
or is there something more obvious that needs to be done.

It relates to the MHTML support that has been discussed a couple
of times before.  But that has been more about the multipart/related
support; which the current mhonarc code base makes it a troublesome
thing to support.

However, to just deal with your particular problem, a solution is to
modify the text/html filter ( to look at the Content-Base
and Content-Location headers and set $base.

Here is the original code chunk in to target:

    ## Get/remove BASE url
    if ($data =~ s%(<base\s[^>]*>)%%i) {
        $tmp = $1;
        ($base) = $tmp =~ m%href\s*=\s*['"]([^'"]+)['"]%i;
        $base =~ s%(.*/).*%$1%;

Since the <BASE> element should take highest precedence, we can add
the check for Content-Base and Content-Location headers to determine
what $base should be.  New code (UNTESTED):

    ## Get/remove BASE url
    if ($data =~ s%(<base\s[^>]*>)%%i) {
        $tmp = $1;
        ($base) = $tmp =~ m%href\s*=\s*['"]([^'"]+)['"]%i;

    } elsif (defined($tmp = %fields{'content-base'}) ||
             defined($tmp = %fields{'content-location'})) {
        ($base) = $tmp =~ s/["']\s//;
    $base =~ s%(.*/).*%$1%;

Try it out, and tell us if it works.  If so, I'll add it to the next


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