Re: DOCTYPE, TARGET, and some MIMEArgs

1998-07-30 05:54:57

Thanks for your reply!

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Earl Hood wrote:

The W3C validator is incorrect.

I'm sure they would love to hear about it... Should I drop them a note?

recommend using nsgmls (part of the SP package) to do your validation.
SP implements a robust SGML parser, and pre-compiled versions are
avilable for various platforms (if you do not want to compile
it yourseld).  Check out <URL:>.

Thanks! I once tried the old smgls, but I didn't understand one word of
the error messages it threw at me, but I would really love to see a
validator I could run on my own computer that tells me things I can
understand :-).

browser to bypass any frames that were active.  I guess I can make
default behavior not set the TARGET attribute if not set via MIMEARGS.

Would be great!

However, why not use the DTD with the frame element declarations?

Mainly because if I by ignorance use a transitional attribute, I want the
validator to tell me.... :-) Besides, I think it would be nice to use the
same DTD for the entire server, but that is of minor importance.

Each following line overrides the preceding one.  Try:

text/plain; default=iso-8859-1 nonfixed quote

Ah, of course... Thanks!

Also, the default option is not needed since iso-8859-1 is already the

Your documentation says:
                Character set to use as the default if no character set is
                defined for the message. If option not specified, 
                "us-ascii" is used.
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