Re: sort order in thread index

1998-08-07 11:03:25

Take a look at the FAQ and the overview of resources.

I know, there are a lot of resources. This makes it complex, but also
It helps to read some descriptions, just to get an idea.

<!--sort the indexpage (date) by date-->

<!--don't sort indexpages by author.-->

<!--=sort threads by date-->

<!--=do not sort threads by subject-->

<!--=put the most recent on top-->
<!--effect on index and threadpages !-->

-> so REVERSE is the thing your looking for.


btw: this listserver seems to be very slow...

At 07-08-1998 (16:02 +0200), Oliver Hauser  wrote:

i have a mailing list archive (thread index!) wich is
sorted by date. the first mail, which was ever sent to
to list is the first mail in the list.

i want the thread index so, that the newest mails
are on the first page; that means, i want the reverse sort
the <SORT> tag didn't work, same result as before.

please help

<!-- MHonArc resource file -->



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