Re: sort order in thread index

1998-08-07 12:39:29
On Fri 07 Aug, Earl Hood wrote:
On August 7, 1998 at 16:02, Oliver Hauser wrote:

i have a mailing list archive (thread index!) wich is
sorted by date. the first mail, which was ever sent to
to list is the first mail in the list.

i want the thread index so, that the newest mails
are on the first page; that means, i want the reverse sort

Not exactly.  More accurate: You want threads with the newest messages
to be listed at the beginning of the thread index.  See below for
more on this.

the <SORT> tag didn't work, same result as before.

<SORT> only affects the main index.  Thread related resources start
with a "T".  BTW, there is nothing to do what you want.  TREVERSE is
close, but I think using it has problems with MULTIPG active.

Erk, yes, I'd misread his request...

Oliver asked for a reverse date sorted _thread index_, not a reverse
sorted date index, as I have.



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