Re: envoking MHonarc from within another Perl Script??

1998-08-19 12:43:16
On August 18, 1998 at 23:01, "Matthew Andersen" wrote:

Okay looked at the sample, and it executes the MHonarc stuff.  However it
doesn't drop me back to my perl script.  As I have things happening before
and after MHonarc, I need to do some perl stuff, if certain things have
happened run MHonArc, then check to see if files have changed.  If they have
upload them to a server.  Any ideas for getting the process to come back to
my perl script?  Also does MHonarc return any error codes on completion?

v2.2 and earlier are not suited well for what you want.  v2.3 has
been restructured to provide the capabilities you need.  An alpha
release of v2.3 was announcd on this list.  Also, an experimental
web admin program was announced in a separate message (part of
rmm cgi thread).  It uses v2.3.  BTW, the utility programs provided
in v2.3 can help illustrate how to use MHonArc within Perl programs.

BTW: I am running NT 4 with SP3 and AS Perl 5.003_07 Build 316.



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