RE: envoking MHonarc from within another Perl Script??

1998-08-19 01:54:55
Okay looked at the sample, and it executes the MHonarc stuff.  However it
doesn't drop me back to my perl script.  As I have things happening before
and after MHonarc, I need to do some perl stuff, if certain things have
happened run MHonArc, then check to see if files have changed.  If they have
upload them to a server.  Any ideas for getting the process to come back to
my perl script?  Also does MHonarc return any error codes on completion?

BTW: I am running NT 4 with SP3 and AS Perl 5.003_07 Build 316.


How would you envoke MHonarc from a perl script?? Or should I say what is
the best method?  I am running on NT 4 with Activestat Perl Version
Build 316.  I have a perl script that deals with archiving mail from our
mailserver then I need to run mhonarc, but would rather do it from within
perl script.

See the example in