Re: Encrypting E-mail or removing address from archives

1998-08-20 14:57:56
On August 20, 1998 at 09:50, J C Lawrence wrote:

Careful with post-processing; you do not want to mangle message-ids.

MSG ID's seems a specious case as all the MSG ID's would be
identically munged, retaining referential correctness.

It is a problem.  MHonArc would not know about the munging, so it
will not be able to hyperlink message-ids when messages are added
that are referenced by other messages.  The munging would have to be
embedded into MHonArc so it knows how to match the ids properly.

A possibly
more signigicant concern is that the post processing resets the time
stamps on the touched files, removing (potentially) MHonArc's Date:
header based time stamping.  This can screw some search tools.



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