Comment tags killing Verity.

1998-08-20 23:50:18
Is there a reason for all the comments laced throughout the HTML?  I am
working on getting an archive searchable through Verity, but it is having
problems when it hits some of the comment tags.  I have spent some time
going through these, and it seems all the comments without spaces in them
cause it to stop indexing the file.  (i.e. <!--X-Head-End--> Fails, but
<!--X Head End--> Works, or <!--X Head-End--> also works.)  What
implications would be associated with changing <!--X-restoftagher--> to
<!--X restoftaghere> throughout the perl code?  Or should I make this an
after processing event?  Or does anyone have another solution?

Matthew Andersen
CEO - Loginet Incorporated

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