Re: Comment tags killing Verity.

1998-08-21 10:07:13
On August 20, 1998 at 21:08, "Matthew Andersen" wrote:

Is there a reason for all the comments laced throughout the HTML?  I am

Yes.  It is mentioned in the FAQ.

working on getting an archive searchable through Verity, but it is having
problems when it hits some of the comment tags.  I have spent some time
going through these, and it seems all the comments without spaces in them
cause it to stop indexing the file.  (i.e. <!--X-Head-End--> Fails, but
<!--X Head End--> Works, or <!--X Head-End--> also works.)  What
implications would be associated with changing <!--X-restoftagher--> to
<!--X restoftaghere> throughout the perl code?  Or should I make this an
after processing event?  Or does anyone have another solution?

Tell Verity to fix their product.  The comments are legal according
to the HTML, XML, and SGML standards.  For how much Verity charges
for their product, I think it is very sad that they cannot handle
comment declarations properly.


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