Re: reactions based on subject not in the msgpage.

1998-08-21 11:06:26
At 21-08-1998 (16:16 +0200), Earl Hood  wrote:
If MHonArc does not do
what you need, then change it.
It is released under the GPL.

Dear Earl,

It is *not* my intention to piss you off.

As I wrote,  MHonarc it is a great piece of software
and I know you're doing it all for free. I really appreciate
your fast responses to questions posted on this list.

I just think it (= see prev. mail) is a strange thing,
but there seems to be a good technical explanation for it. :(

Your MUA screws up the References: header field.  It also
does not include the message-ids of my messages.

Yes, it did. Dunno how, it's a normal flavor of Eudora.
Hope this one is fine...

A nice weekend to all,


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