Re: reactions based on subject not in the msgpage.

1998-08-20 23:02:00
On August 20, 1998 at 21:41, Werner Teeling wrote:

Is it true that MH does list possible reactions
Different software package than MHonArc.  I.e. MH is a mail user
agent (which I regularly use).

(based on the subject, not on the msg-id) in the
Thread listing, but not in the msg page ?

I tested it, and the reaction appeared in the threadlisting,
but not in the message that started the thread.

Are you refering to the reference/followup section after the
message body in the message page?  Note, that section is only
for explicit references and follow-ups (ie. based on message-ids).

Note, the next/prev by thread are as you expect.

The subject detection is a "nicety" done by MHonArc.  However,
by subject alone, it cannot be determined what message actual
is a direct follow-up to another (unless fancy heuristics were

To get what you desire, you can shut-off the FOLREFS resource (or keep
it if you want).  Then rely on the next/prev thread links (maybe with
some customization), and/or use $TSLICE$ somewhere on the page.  See
the same frame archive,
<URL:> and check the
bottom of each message page.


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