Re: reactions based on subject not in the msgpage.

1998-08-21 06:06:45

At 21-08-1998 (05:24 +0200), Earl Hood  wrote:
Different software package than MHonArc

-------------  Typo

 No, I mistyped it, it is MHonArc. 2.2.0

-------------  What I want... :)

 Let me explain it again :

 I want to make something like the thing below in a *msg* page
 In this example, I'm reading the hilited msg.

 The bottom of this message should look like...

   "This is a test" by person01
        "Re: This is a test", from:person02
        "Re: This is a test", from: person03
        "Re: This is a test", from: person04
        ---> hilited  "Re: This is a test", from:  person05 <--- hilited
        "Re: This is a test", from: person06

 So I know what message I am looking at AND the reactions AND references.

 (Actually, this should be in another frame.)

-------------  Why I want this.

 Because it is a better way to get an idea of a thread.
 Without looking at other distracting thread/information.
 (information overload and more buzz words.. :)  )

-------------  The problem.

 Now, if I react to this message by typing "Re: This is a test",
 the reaction will be listed in the THREAD page as possible f'up,
 because I didn't use reply.

 But the reaction will not be seen in the *msg* page that started
 the thread and other reactions.

 Why is the THREAD kind of "fuzzy", and are the *msg*pages not.
 (e.g. they only list explixit refs and f'ups.)

*** Your solution

 The partial threadlisting is not an option; it will also show
 other not-related threads.

-------------  Disclaimer

 I like the possibilities of MHonarc,
 but it takes more to develop a user-friendly system.

 Like what I just wrote.

 (Sorry if I sound rude, got a strict deadline & exam this thuesday.)


Interaction Designer
Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands.


(based on the subject, not on the msg-id) in the
Thread listing, but not in the msg page ?

I tested it, and the reaction appeared in the threadlisting,
but not in the message that started the thread.

Are you refering to the reference/followup section after the
message body in the message page?  Note, that section is only
for explicit references and follow-ups (ie. based on message-ids).

Note, the next/prev by thread are as you expect.

The subject detection is a "nicety" done by MHonArc.  However,
by subject alone, it cannot be determined what message actual
is a direct follow-up to another (unless fancy heuristics were

To get what you desire, you can shut-off the FOLREFS resource (or keep
it if you want).  Then rely on the next/prev thread links (maybe with
some customization), and/or use $TSLICE$ somewhere on the page.  See
the same frame archive,
<URL:> and check the
bottom of each message page.


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