Re: reactions based on subject not in the msgpage.

1998-08-22 03:06:38
On August 21, 1998 at 17:16, Werner Teeling wrote:

If MHonArc does not do
what you need, then change it.
It is released under the GPL.

It is *not* my intention to piss you off.

I understand.  I do listen to improvement ideas.  Several function of
MHonArc came about due to user suggestions.  Note, I do prioritize them
based on my own personally interests (and the time available) since
money has not been involved to influence on what features I will
implement.  So users should have the proper expectations when making
suggestions on how to improve MHonArc (actual patches tend to be more

I just think it (= see prev. mail) is a strange thing,
but there seems to be a good technical explanation for it. :(

What you described in a previous post (ie. showing location in thread
with current message highlighted) I have already thought about that
kind of functionality in the past.  $TSLICE$ was the result.  It was a
compromise.  To do what you ideally would like, would require a new set
of thread-related resource for customize layout since formatting
requirements would be separate from what is needed for the thread
index.  I figured adding another group of resources would be
unattractive to users.  Also, it would require a variant version of the
printing code to support the different set of resources.  With $TSLICE$
I can reuse some of the thread index printing code.

The only main thing that $TSLICE$ does not provide is the highlighting
of the current message.  It also does not provide clipping of listing
to only the thread the current message is in.  Thinking of $TSLICE$
as a window into the thread index.

Your MUA screws up the References: header field.  It also
does not include the message-ids of my messages.

Yes, it did. Dunno how, it's a normal flavor of Eudora.
Hope this one is fine...

Nope.  What Eudora is doing is copying the first unfolded line of
In-Reply-To field value of the message being replied to into the
References field.  Hence, if the message has other data in the
In-Reply-To field with the message-id, then the References can get
screwed up, and not even contain the referenced id.  On top of that,
References is not being used properly.  It does not set References as
defined by the RFC (cannot remember number) dealing with USENET
postings (where References come from).  The most recent referenced id
should be added to the end of the References list, not the beginning.


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